Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for the boys that I nanny. I normally only get the older brother before and after school, so I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him. I also get their cousin after school, but he went away for spring break. Because of my limited time with K, I don’t normally get to take him places, so we were pretty excited to finally be able to go and do something together (along with his younger brother). We all decided that a zoo adventure would be the perfect way to pass the day.

We left early in the morning in an attempt to beat the spring break crowds. I have to admit, I had so much fun with these boys. They were so much better behaved than other kids that I have brought to the zoo, which made my day so much easier. We saw all the animals that we wanted, but the boys were focused on something else; The Bow. It’s a building that’s currently being built downtown, and it’s already the largest building. These boys were obsessed with it! Not even the sights of these animals could compete with the Bow…

March 31 010

March 31 013

March 31 017

How could they resist two hippos lazing about, or a baby giraffe? A baby giraffe for crying out loud! All they cared about was seeing the Bow, and every time they did, they insisted we take a picture of it. After hearing about it for the thousandth time, I knew what had to be done. We needed to switch trains downtown not too far from where the Bow is, so we made a little side trip. K was so excited!
March 31 055

We acted just like tourists; standing on the corner across the street taking a ton of pictures. Him and his brother posed in front of the Bow so that I could get pictures to show his class. I even handed my camera over to K so that he could grab a few pictures as well.

March 31 065

T didn’t want to be left out, he had to have a picture of his favorite building as well; the Calgary Tower!
March 31 063

After we got home, I asked the boys what their favorite part of the day was. It was seeing the Bow of course. Next time we go out, they want to take a trip to Suncor plaza. Silly boys.

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