Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beer Tabs for Charity

Have you met my good blog friend Mel? She blogs over at OMG… Awesome! She recently started a campaign to collect beer can tabs.


{Image via OMG…Awesome}

You see, there’s this boy she likes, and he collects tabs from cans. He mails them in to a charity that melts them down and sells the aluminum, with the proceeds going to child burn victim. How awesome is this guy? Mel is hosting a contest on her blog. If you blog about this, before April 20th, you’ll be entered to win a six pack of Moxie. (I don’t even like beer, so I’m not using this as an entry.)

She’ll be collecting pull tabs until May 30th. If you head over to this post, you’ll find more info on how to get in contact with Mel, so that you can mail her any pull tabs you’ve collected. There’ll also be a prize for whoever sends in the most tabs! I’ve only got a wee little collection going on, but every bit counts! (Oh, and my collection is all from pop cans!)

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