Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guinea Pig Update

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but I’ve got two guinea pigs. Oreo and Piglet are my gals. We got Oreo back around the end of August, when she was about 4 weeks old. She’s now about 8 months old, and holy heck is she ever big! I think she may even be bigger than Piglet (who is around 2 years old). The guinea pigs are doing well and are spoiled rotten. I’m helpless when it comes to those little squeaks of theirs!

April 5 129


April 5 134


We had them in a large cage that I bought off of Kijiji, but I knew that the cage just wasn’t big enough. Guinea pigs need the space to run around. The size of our last apartment really affected the size of our cage though, so we just had to make sure that Piglet and Oreo got lots of time outside of their cage. Now that we’ve got lots of room in this place, the time was right for us to make a bigger cage. I had been doing some research about cages and found a lot of positive feedback about C&C cages (cubes and coroplast). I knew that this was our best option, so I managed to talk Stephen into making the cage for me. All it took was an afternoon trip to Rona and some time spent cutting and assembling. It really didn’t seem that hard, and the guinea pigs seem to love all of the extra space.

April 5 123

While we were at it, I decided to switch out their bedding option as well. I was using the stuff you can buy at pet stores. I’m not entirely sure what it’s called, wood shavings? I’ve always just called it bedding. Anyway, that stuff was smelly and got everywhere. There was always bedding all over the floor around their cage. I read a lot about using fleece as bedding, and figured it was worth a shot. The basic idea is that you line the cage with some towels and then put fleece over top. Because fleece is absorbent, it will soak everything up and it’ll all go through the towels. It’s not nearly as messy, and it’s so much more comfortable! We’ve has it for about a week and a half now, and I’ve already noticed a huge difference. We have a little hand vacuum, so I vacuum the cage once a day, then wash the bedding once a week. Even after a week, it’s not as smelly as you would expect. Oreo and Piglet also seem to enjoy it because it’s so soft! I always find Piglet laying around outside of her house.

April 5 120

{Bottom layer of old towels}

April 5 121

{Top layer of fleece}

I have plans to fill the cage up with some extra things like tunnels for the guinea pigs to run through now that they have the extra space. It’s a big cage; I’d say that Stephen and I can both sit inside of it with room to spare.
I realize that this probably makes me a crazy pet lady now, but I’m just a sucker for cute little animals.
Do you have any pets? What are some crazy things you’d do for your pets?

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