Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 33)

1. I decided not to do link love today because I've been bad about saving links this week. Oops!

2. I've been having laptop troubles all week. A few months ago, my laptop stopped charging. I assumed it was the cord, but didn't replace it. I just switched to using my backup laptop. It wasn't in very good condition, but it worked. Until Tuesday, that is. It too decided to stop charging! Tuesday evening, I decided on a whim to try something out on the good laptop that I had read about online. It worked! I woke up yesterday morning though to discover that it once again stopped charging. Now, I have zero laptops that work. What the heck am I doing wrong? I guess I'll be bugging Stephen to let me blog on his desktop.

3. I've caught some sort of cold. Maybe it has to do with the weather: one day it's warm, the next it's below zero again and snowing.

4. Stephen and I watched an entire season of House in one week. We had a deadline because it was borrowed from the library, but even still, I'm amazed that we watched so many episodes.

5. I've been to the library so many times in the past two weeks that it's a little bit ridiculous. At one point, I had 14 books checked out. I couldn't help it, I just suddenly found all of the books I've been wanting to take out! A couple were cookbooks, and two were for Stephen.

6. My boss sent me home with some sliced up turkey and a loaf of focaccia bread yesterday. Stephen and I turned it into the best sandwiches I've had in a while.

7. I've got the day off today, so I intend on resting quite a bit so that I'm not sick all weekend.
What are your weekend plans?
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