Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: A Year In Review

I like to reflect upon my year by doing year in review posts on my blog every year, so hopefully you’re not sick of seeing these yet. My laptop is being difficult (aka not charging), so I’m on my old one. Thankfully I post pictures everywhere, otherwise this post would be pictureless!

-New Years Eve was spent in our brand new condo apartment with friends. Low key night, but so much fun.
-Andi and I started baking with each other via webcam.
-Stephen and I went ice skating at midnight.
January was a pretty quiet month around here.

-I turned 24.
-We got our first guinea pig, Piglet.
-Stephen and I threw a combined Mexican Fiesta birthday party. It had a taco bar and was wicked awesome.
-Stephen quit smoking. (I’m still so proud of him for doing that!)
-I willingly watched a hockey game (gold medal Olympic game), and liked it!
Mexican Fiesta

-We adopted our second guinea pig, Tigger.
-I started up my Baking With Angela feature, posting recipes every Thursday.
-Stephen and I celebrated two years of dating.
Piglet and Tigger

-Celebrated Easter with the family.
-I started getting to know my neighborhood better.
-Stephen and I took a break from Calgary and spent a couple of days in Edmonton with his Mom. It was my first time meeting her, as well as his aunt and grandparents.
-We also went with the family to visit my sister in Vulcan. We met her brand new puppies!
-Tracy moved into a new house, on a farm during the last weekend of the month, so we went back out to Vulcan to visit.
Stephen and Jaybolily

-It appears that I had finally settled into blogging five days a week.
-I picked up work on Fridays with a new nanny family, which I referred to as my Friday Family. They’re an Australian family with three kids.
-Stephen and I cut our cable to save money.
-We all went to the Body Worlds exhibit, which was a birthday gift for my Dad.
-I took my Friday Kids to the zoo and rediscovered my love for it.
-I attended the Lilac Festival, which took place right outside my apartment.

-I met my first ever blogger; Leah from Five Blondes.
-I took my Friday Boys on all sorts of outdoor adventures.
-I started tackling my summer list.
-I had friends over for a BBQ and to eat some pie.
-I finally got a new camera!

-I met my nanny friend, George, at the park.
-I took my Friday kids to the pet store down the street from my apartment to meet the pig that lives there; Alistair.
-Stephen and I attended the wedding of two of my high school friends.
-Took my Friday kids to the Stampede Parade.
-Went to the Stampede in the rain.
-My blog turned one.
-Stephen and I became an aunt and uncle. His brother’s girlfriend gave birth to a boy they name Kolton.
-I went back to Vulcan to celebrate my sister’s birthday.
-Stephen and I went on a picnic.



-I met my second blog friend: Kim from Blair’s Girls.
-My sweet little Tigger passed away.
-I went thrifting for the first time in years.
-Stephen’s brother, girlfriend and our nephew came to visit. They stayed in our teeny apartment for a week.
-I started job hunting.
-Celebrated my other sister’s birthday by having a giant family BBQ in the park.
-Ended my job with my nanny family. I had been with them for 5 years, so it was tough.

-Adopted our newest guinea pig, Oreo.
-I stopped working with my Friday Family.
-I found two new families to work with. One on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
-Within two weeks, I was let go from my MWF family. They couldn’t afford a nanny anymore.
-Found a new family the next day (!) and started with them.
-I reconnected with an old friend.
-Went to the bird sanctuary at the most beautiful time of the year.
-Did the Light The Night Walk with my family.

bird sanctuary

-We told the landlord that we wanted to move, and he started showing our apartment.
-Celebrated thanksgiving with my family.
-Started the Women of Wonder project.
-Took a ballet class.
-Got to spend some time hanging out in a bakery.
-Celebrated Halloween by having friends over.

-Found a new place to live and signed the lease.
-Spent the majority of the month packing.
-I volunteered.
-I held a bake sale.
-I bought an awesome new coffee maker.
-We bought some furniture for the new place.
-We moved out of the apartment.

-We moved into a three bedroom townhouse!
-We hosted a housewarming/birthday party.
-My sister in Vulcan got engaged!
-Spent Christmas in Vulcan.
-Spent the week after Christmas in Edmonton with Stephen’s family.
-Celebrated New Years Eve with my sister and her boyfriend at my place.

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