Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post Christmas Holiday: Edmonton

On Boxing Day, we left Vulcan and headed back to Calgary. Stephen and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we’d have access to a truck, so we went and bought some furniture: two desks for the craft/computer room and a pantry for the kitchen. I wanted so very badly to get them all set up, but we needed to unpack, do laundry and repack because we were headed to Edmonton to visit Stephen’s family the next morning. Stephen’s brother’s girlfriend Sharon (what a mouthful!) surprised Stephen’s brother with plane tickets to Edmonton for Christmas, so we knew that we had to take advantage of the fact that the entire family would be close by. I’m so glad that we took the time off work for this!

Sharon has gotten into scrapbooking, so we knew that we wanted to make a visit to a scrapbooking store together. I was good (the first time around) and limited myself to some papers and stickers that were too cute too pass up. A lot of cooking/baking themed ones. We somehow managed the boys that we needed to visit the store again the next day, and I spent a little bit more money…nearly triple what I spent the first time around. In all fairness, this ended up being my Christmas gift and Stephen picked it all out. Boyfriend of the year award officially goes to him.

Obviously, we got to see our nephew Kolton lots. I love the way that Stephen interacts with Kolton, and it looks like Kolton is enamoured with his uncle. I may have asked Stephen once or twice if we could hurry up and have kids of our own sometime soon. Ha!
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Jan 3 261

The second night we were there, Stephen planned on cooking a large family dinner of butter chicken. My nanny friend and her husband happened to be in Edmonton at the same time as us, so we invited them. Sharon’s friend had just moved to Edmonton, and they hadn’t seen each other in 7 years, so naturally, she got an invite as well. I love giant dinners like that!

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The last night that we were in the city, after getting some family photos taken, Grandma babysat Kolton, and the “kids” went on a double date. We used up some Moxie’s gift cards we got as presents and then went to a late movie. The boys went to see Tron, while Sharon and I went to see Black Swan. While I don’t think Sharon enjoyed it much, I happened to love it! I had such a great time that night, which leads me to this question: When are you moving to Calgary guys?

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