Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For the first time in several years, I worked right until the day before Christmas Eve. I’m used to getting the week before Christmas off, so I feel like I deserved my holidays even more this year. On Christmas Eve, we all loaded up the presents and made the hour and a half drive to Tracy’s place in Vulcan. It was her first time hosting Christmas, and her first time ever making a turkey dinner.

Jan 3 180

At times, the house felt a little chaotic with 8 people sleeping there, up to 6 other people coming and going, three dogs and my two guinea pigs. (Side note: I need to find someone in Calgary who’d be willing to guinea pig sit when my family can’t.) I loved every minute of it.

Jan 3 209

Our tradition is to wake up around 7am on Christmas morning, so of course we continued that. We debated waking up later, but you just can’t break tradition! There were so many presents under the tree that they flowed halfway across the width of the living room. Stephen and I got a lot of gift cards and things for the house, all of which we loved. Every little bit helps, and I cannot wait to put them all to good use. I even got a gift card for my favorite cupcake place. My sister’s boyfriend made sure to wrap it up nice and good in quite a few layers of packing tape. My Dad took a video of me unwrapping it'; he started halfway through and the video was still at least 7 minutes long. Ridiculous, I tell you.

Jan 3 130

The weekend consisted of a lot of eating, playing some Xbox Kinect and just doing general family stuff. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Stephen and I have already made it clear that we’d like to host Christmas next year, and that will be even more of a gong show once we add Stephen’s family on top of mine.

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