Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter in Calgary

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Last week was brutally cold. The kind of cold that chills you to the core and makes you swear that you’re leaving Calgary the first chance you get to head for the closest hot spot. With the wind chill, it was dipping down to below –30C. (That’s –22F for my American friends.) I tried so very hard to bite my tongue whenever someone south of the border complained that it dipped below 22F. That’s a warm winter day for me, but I digress.

I often get off the train well before my bus comes (on my way to work). To stay warm, I’ll sit in the train station and do things like catch up on Words With Friends, Twitter or just plain old people watch. The cold weather last week made for some good people watching, and led me to notice several things. First, let’s list what I’m like in the winter:

-I lost my toque, so I had to wear hoodies to keep my ears warm.
-I then finally found my toque, which makes me look ridiculous. I wear it anyway, because I need to stay warm.
-I wear many layers, which makes it difficult to move around once I put my winter coat on. It’s all about warmth, people.
-I always have a warm drink in hand.
-Sometimes, when it’s just cold enough, I throw on fleece pajama pants underneath my jeans because I still don’t own long johns.

While I sometimes sit there feeling a little bit ridiculous, I have to remind myself that at least I’m not the person who…:

…shuffles in my boots. (Pick up your feet people!)
….wears a donkey toque.
…wears a full on beaver on their head and has a fur coat to boot.
…has a mirror on their travel mug.
…wears pajama pants.
…doesn’t wear a coat. (When it’s –30, you shouldn’t worry about being cool.)
…wears shorts over tights. When it’s cold, please wear pants.
…has Elmo on her mitts.
…who can’t be bothered to either tuck both pant legs into their boots, or untuck both pant legs. Either/or, no both.
…who wears Uggs or some sort of knockoff with Ed Hardy designs printed all over.
…wears sparkly Uggs.
…wears heels in deep snow.

At least I can feel a little bit better about the fact that I look ridiculous in a toque.
What fashion mistakes do you see in the winter? Are you the one committing the fashion crime, and proud of it?

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