Thursday, January 6, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 24)

1. I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. It's probably because I've been so busy, but either way, I'm glad that it's Friday.

2. It has gotten progressively harder to get out of bed everyday this week. I really need to learn how to go to bed earlier.

3. Nearly every box is finally unpacked. It's such a big burden that's finally been lifted off my shoulders; I really hated having the spare room full of boxes. The only boxes left hold DVDs and books, and they're only staying in there because we need to buy new DVD storage and a new bookshelf.

4. I helped Stephen build 2 desks and a futon this week. I never realized just how exhausting it really is.

5. Tomorrow is Stephen's birthday. His Mom and Sharon are coming in tonight, and we'll be having a fondue party with my family tomorrow. Stephen decided that he wants all of the fondues: cheese, oil and chocolate. Guess that gets me out of dessert duty.

6. We'll be heading to Ikea during the afternoon tomorrow. I'm pretty excited because we got three Ikea gift cards, plus a visa gift card to spend. Our house desperately needs this trip.

7. My super sweet friend Andi sent me Christmas care package. It came the week we were in Edmonton, so I finally just got to pick it up on Tuesday. She filled it with all of my favorite things: Reese's peanut butter, a cupcake jar, bath products in pink frosting flavor, two necklaces that she made, a shot glass and tons of Orbit gum. I fell in love with Orbit gum thanks to my previous nanny family who would always bring it back from Montana. I can't find it here in Calgary yet, so I'm glad Andi stuck a bunch of that in that in there.

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