Friday, January 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 26)

1. The weather this week has been gorgeous! After the deep freeze just before this, I definitely say us Calgarians deserve the +10C we’ve been experiencing. Of course, as I write this, the weather is already turning again. So much for that Chinook.

2. Stephen and I had a date night on Tuesday, completely courtesy of Scene. Stephen has the Scotia Bank/Scene debit card, so he racked up enough points for two free movies and snacks, along with an extra free movie or two left over! We went and saw The Green Hornet. I went in with very low expectations, having only seen one preview, and I must say that I loved it. It was hilarious!

3. My Mom’s coming to spend the night tonight. Kind of random, but she’s giving my sister free reign of the house so that she can have a girls night.

4. I’ve got Kara’s Coca Cola Roast in my slow cooker right now. I’m so excited to be able to come home to a fully cooked meal tonight.

5. I scored a sweet deal off of Kijiji this week. I found an ad for a lady who lives around the corner from my work, who was selling scrapbook paper for twenty cents a sheet. I figured I would get some cheap paper, but I showed up to find so much more! Turns out she works at a scrapbook store and has an amazing stash of craft supplies. We started talking, and then she started throwing in a few things for free. I got 30+ pieces of paper (most of which is actually die cuts), 3 ink pads, two stamps (one of which is giant) and then some cardstock and envelopes for $15. There was a ton of stuff I didn’t even look through, so I may have to make a return trip after payday. She also told me that she teaches card making classes, and offered to teach one for me and some friends. Now I just need to round up some friends…

6. I was asked if I would mind planning and hosting a Valentine’s Day party for T (the 4 year old boy I nanny). I love doing this sort of stuff, so there’s no way I would pass that opportunity up! Any ideas for a party are welcome.

7. The plan for this weekend is to get all of the artwork up in our house. I refuse to leave the house until it’s done. Ask me on Monday whether or not that happened.

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