Monday, January 10, 2011

On A Birthday Weekend…

Saturday was Stephen’s birthday. To celebrate, his Mom travelled from Edmonton, bringing along with her Sharon and Kolton. Friday night was pretty low key, nothing too exciting happened. Saturday was a busy day though. I started off the morning by waking up early and hanging a few birthday banners around the house to surprise Stephen. I then made birthday waffles, which we topped with whipped cream, copious amounts of sprinkles and 19 candles. He laughed at it, but didn’t eat them. Can’t say I blame him, as they were cold by the time they got to him.

January 9, 2011 006January 9, 2011 008

January 9, 2011 011

After breakfast, we headed to Ikea. Stephen and I got lucky this Christmas and received several Ikea gift cards. We picked up a ton of essentials, including some storage options for my side of the office. Speaking of which, I finally have a desk to craft on, and I’ve been going on scrapbook supply shopping sprees lately. I can’t wait until I finally have some time to put it all to good use! Pictures will be coming soon.

That evening, we hosted a fondue party. We had three different types; an oil, cheese and chocolate fondue. It took several hours for everyone to work through it all, but everyone had fun. There were about ten of us crowding around our little 4 seater dining room table, all vying for the prime dipping spot. Stephen got a mini flying helicopter, so everyone took turns testing it out. Afterward, we played several rounds of The Game of Things. My family’s pretty rowdy when it comes to that game, and there’s always someone who ends up being the brunt of the jokes. Normally it’s me and my baking being made fun of, but this time, it was all about my nanny friend. She was a good sport about it all, and teased right along with everyone else.

January 9, 2011 015{I love this kid so much}

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. It was pretty cold (around –28C with the wind chill at one point), so Sharon, the baby and I stayed in for most of the day. We did run out at one point to pick up some scrapbooking supplies that I found for a steal on Kijiji. Sharon and Loralie were supposed to head back to Edmonton this afternoon, but the driving conditions were too dangerous thanks to all of the snow the province has been getting hit with. They’re hoping for the roads to be safe to travel around noon today, so keep your fingers crossed for them to get home safely.

It’s been a good weekend overall, an I adore having family around! What did you get up to this weekend?

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