Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On My Craft Space

Remember that time I promised to do a house tour two weeks in a row? Yeah, I know. I’m really good at making empty promises. I’m sorry. BUT! I’ve got some pictures of my craft space. After talking about it last Friday, a couple of readers asked for some pictures of it, so I figured, what the heck? Why not! Keep this in mind though; my area still isn’t decorated, so it’s going to look rather plain. The plan is to get up art and such around the house this weekend, so I’m hoping to liven up my space. Remember to click on pictures to make them bigger.

January 25 028

This is our office. It’s the third bedroom, and we needed it to be a place to hold Stephen’s computer and my craft space that I insisted on having. We decided on matching desks so that we could have our own space and still spend time together if we want. I’ve even been bringing my laptop down here just to hang out with Stephen some more.

January 25 030

This is our printer area beside Stephen’s desk. The containers are filled with miscellaneous stuff like my stationery collection and printer paper. That table you see folded up is what I used as a temporary craft desk. We’re keeping it for messier projects.

January 25 031

Stephen’s desk. He recently got back into model building, so his desk is usually littered with paints and model parts.

January 25 032

My desk. See that empty space in between the shelves (Where the lamp cord is)? The plan is to stick some sort of rod there to display/store ribbon. That makes me ridiculously happy.

January 25 034

I’ve seen this storage solution employed by a couple of different people, and I have to admit that I seriously love it. So much so that I want to add more to it. It’s not completely filled yet.

January 25 038

The shelves along the left side of my desk are rather boring right now. They’re just holding glue, tape and embossing powders and ink.

January 25 040

My scrapbook paper stash, scrapbook magazines/books and some more storage in the container up top.

January 25 041

Storage for stamps (Sharon and I scored a great deal on Kijiji and I got a ton for cheap), stickers and miscellaneous ephemera.

January 25 042

My keyboard tray is being used for more storage. I’m not 100% sold on this arrangement yet, but that could be just the types of containers I’m using.

January 25 044January 25 047

The cupcake-a-day calendar was an early birthday gift from Stephen’s Mom. The cupcake that’s topped with the I Love You heart was a gift from my Dad, and the other one was a gift from Andi (Fuegita Bonita). They both open up, and I’m storing cupcake stickers in them.

January 25 036

The other half of the top of my desk. Those Planters peanut jars are more storage. They currently hold excess hot glue gun sticks and other random bits. Those labels are driving me nut, so I plan on taking them off when I have a few minutes. That little purple shot glass is another gift from Andi. The white vase is currently empty, since I don’t have a plan for it yet. The drawers on the end hold things like ribbon, glue sticks and scissors.

So there’s my craft space for you! It may not look like much, but it’s slowly coming together, and I seriously love it. I adore having a space of my own that I can do anything I please with.

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