Monday, January 24, 2011




Saturday night, Stephen and I had a double date with our friends George and Al. A few weeks ago, George had told us about a Brazilian steak house that they had been to, and it immediately piqued Stephen’s interest. We decided then and there that we would go for Stephen’s birthday. The date crept closer and we decided to make it a joint birthday celebration since George and I have birthdays close to Stephen’s. (Stephen’s: January 8th, George’s: February 4th and mine is February 5th.)

George and I spent the week texting each other, with tips on how to get our money’s worth. Her advice? Eat brown rice and veggies leading up to that night, and wear your fat pants. My advice? Just stop eating all together about midweek. All kidding aside, I was getting really excited about this place. The thought of waiters bringing skewers of meat to my table sounded amazing.

We showed up for our reservation at Bolero, we were seated and given the instructions. We had a cue that we had to turn based on our mood; it was divided into three colors, red, yellow and green. Green means keep bringing meat, red means you’re taking a break and yellow means all finished. We were shown a buffet full of salads, veggies and stews. George and I grabbed a few veggies, but the boys were a lot more serious about the meat and went straight for the stews. We sat down, and almost immediately, we had a steady stream of waiters bringing around different meats for us to sample. They would slice of a little hunk off the skewer, and you would grab it. The veggies were pushed off to one side of our plates, and eventually, we just gave up on them altogether. There were 15 meats total, and we sampled every one of them. I think the favorite of the night was bacon wrapped chicken. I’m also a sucker for grilled pineapple! Our service was fantastic, and we were never without food or drinks.

After dinner, we headed back to our place for German chocolate cake. It was so delicious, yet I can’t believe we even had room to fit a piece in! Brazilian steakhouses may be my new favorite thing.

Have you ever been to a Brazilian steak house? What did you think?

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