Friday, January 15, 2010

S’more Cupcakes & a Date

It all started when Bakerella posted a recipe for these S’more Cupcakes. (That’s a link, click to be taken to the recipe and see some amazing pictures that will make you want to bake immediately.)

Actually, maybe it all started when I got Andi (Fuegita Bonita, who could use some more followers by the way) to sign up to Blogger. She needed some recommendations on some good blogs to read, so I emailed her a bunch, with Bakerella among the list. One night, we were talking about me making s’mores, and then (as if she was reading my mind), Bakerella posted a recipe for S’more cupcakes. Andi mentioned it to me, and then after some planning, we decided to bake together. Only problem is, Andi lives in Kansas and I live in Calgary. We agreed to bake our cupcakes at the same time, while talking on msn. Then it progressed to using our webcams to make it more like we were hanging out. (Yes, I realize how much of a nerd I am.) In the end, Andi’s webcam wasn’t agreeing with her laptop, so we just talked instead. Made baking much easier, since I didn’t have to stop to type all the time. It also sparked a conversation about accents.
(These are pictures taken with my cell phone, sorry for the not so great quality. Click to make bigger!)

S'more Cupcakes 017

  Mixing all of the ingredients together….

S'more Cupcakes 020

  Waiting for Andi to catch up so I could stick my cupcakes in the oven.S'more Cupcakes 030The finished product! These cupcakes were absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for a little project this weekend, try baking these cupcakes.
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