Sunday, January 10, 2010

101 in 1001: Update

Original post with list is here.

26. Go to Zoo Lights. Completed December 2009.
We had a bit of a Chinook at one point in December, which provided to the perfect opportunity for Stephen and I to spend a night out at the zoo. It seems everyone else in Calgary had the same idea though, because the zoo was packed! Regardless, it was a nice night. Didn’t get to see any animals, but that was to be expected. This was Stephen’s first time going, and he enjoyed it.

Zoo LIghts

 37. Get G.G’s banana bread recipe. Completed December 2009.
(Side note: G.G. is my great grandma.)
G.G. makes amazing banana bread, the best I have ever tasted. I’m not just being biased, she’s actually been told by other people that they thing her banana bread is the best they’ve ever had. I’ve been trying to find a recipe that would come close to hers, but hadn’t had any luck. I was incredibly nervous to ask for her recipe, because I’ve been told that she will occasionally leave out an ingredient so that the other person can’t replicate her recipe. Finally, after complaining to my mom one too many times, she called up my G.G. and asked her for the recipe. I was allowed to get it, as long as I called her myself. Done deal! I called and got the recipe. Now came the challenge, baking the bread and finding out if it was the same recipe. During my Christmas baking, I baked 5 loaves (we’re banana bread fiends), but didn’t have a chance to sample it before handing out the loaves. My mom and uncle were all too happy to be the taste testers. I’ll spare you the details, but in the end, it was a success! She gave me the true recipe and it tasted just like hers! She even tasted it herself and declared it awesome! She also gave me her recipe for pumpkin pie, and that was another success!

DArcybananabread(My uncle providing photographic evidence that my banana bread looks like G.G’s.)
GGpumpkinpie(My G.G. declaring the pumpkin pie a success!)

63. Have D’arcy and Greg over for a meal. Completed December 23, 2009.
(Side note: D’arcy and Greg are my uncles)
Both of my uncles hadn’t seen our new apartment yet, so I figured the best way to show it off was to invite them over for dinner while D’arcy was visiting from Vancouver, over Christmas vacation. Greg brought his new boyfriend Jerry, whom I met for the first time. Stephen made amazing Thai food!

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