Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Glimpse Into Our Conversations

Stephen and I are walking from out apartment, downtown to catch a train. We walk past an art gallery where we pause to point out what we like. I point out a large black and white painting of Tulips that I think would look great over our bed, Stephen points out a giant statue of wolves, and tells me that he has to have it. I tell him that one day, when we're rich enough to build our own home, he can come back to purchase the statue and put it in his "Man Room", where I never have to see it. Stephen gets really excited over this prospect and starts to list off all of the things he wants to put in there: Screen and projector, several lazy boy recliners and his computer… with at least two monitors. I tell him that if he gets a man room, then I get a craft room. My only requirement is an endless supply of ribbon that I will display like artwork. Stephen tells me he'll even build me the shelf to display it all.

I pause to think a moment, and tell him that before we make the perfect craft and man room, we need to design the most amazing kitchen ever. My requirements are: 4 ovens, two kitchen aid stand mixers and a pizza oven. Stephen sees the value in 4 ovens, but laughs at my request for two kitchen aids. I tell him it's so I can bake enough stuff to fill our 4 ovens. Then Stephen realizes that I said I want a pizza oven and starts to question that. (I rarely make my own pizza) We then proceed to argue during the rest of the walk, about why I need a pizza oven. My only defence? Because it's cool.

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