Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Confession

Last night, you would have found Stephen and I curled up on the couch watching Without a Paddle on the GameTV channel. This isn’t really the exciting part; it’s what occurred afterward. I’ve never watched the GameTV channel before, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they started airing old game shows after the movie. Here’s my confession: I’m a sucker for cheesy old game shows!

I completely surprised Stephen with my excitement over these shows. First up was Cooking For Love, a show where three contestants have to cook a dish without a recipe for some person hiding behind a screen. The person hiding behind the screen talks to the cooks, and then makes his/her decision after sampling their food. The episode I watched was especially cheesy (I love late nineties fashion). The girls had to cook lemon rosemary steak with onion rings. One girl garnished her steak with marshmallows, and one girl garnished hers with sprinkles. Needless to say, the guy picked the third girl that made a perfect steak, and get this? She passed on the date. Sucker!


The second show I watched was Love Handles, a Canadian game show very similar to The Newlywed Game. While trying to find some info about the show, I discovered that it was produced from 1996-1998, but there’s no way that’s true. The clothes these people were wearing were straight from the eighties!

There was also some commercials for Supermarket Sweep. I remember watching that show when I was kid and wanting so bad to be on it! So there you have it, I’m a sucker for cheesy old game shows. If you could be on a game show (past or present), which one would you be on?

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