Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love For Valentine’s Day

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, and I think I have my parents to thank for that. Most of my Valentine’s Days were spent single, which would lead someone to assume that I would be bitter about the day. I’ve never felt that way because of the way I was raised. My parents raised my sisters and I to be very loving girls, and taught us that you don’t need a holiday to remind you to love, but that it’s fun to have a special day to demonstrate it anyway. While we were in school, we’d wake up in the morning to little gifts that were left for us on the kitchen counter; usually some chocolates and something small like socks covered in hearts, always accompanied by a love note from my Mom.


Now that I’m older and in a committed relationship, I still feel the same way. I show my love for Stephen every day, but it’s fun having a special day to do a little something extra. I’m not the kind of girl who expects him to go all out with chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Our first year together, he did go out and buy me my favorite chocolate and flowers, but that was it. Since then, we just cook a meal at home together. I’d much rather cook a meal together and stay in than battle a crowded restaurant. We did dinner and a movie last night, but that just worked out because we realized we had enough Scene points for two free movies.

I love doing special little things for my nanny kids as well. I’m a sucker for sparkly red and pink hearts, so I’m happy throwing glitter on a card and giving them some chocolate. I actually planned and threw a Valentine’s party for T at the request of his Mom, and had a blast! I gave the house a major heart attack; there were hearts taped up in every window! I baked pink lemonade cupcakes and let the kids frost them. Then we had a Hershey’s kisses scavenger hunt and finished off by eating heart shaped cookies. I couldn’t imagine a better workday.

February 13 007

After all is said and done, I’m a simple girl when it comes to the holidays. How do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Do you like keeping it simple or going over the top? Are you anti-Valentine’s Day? How come?

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