Monday, February 21, 2011

The Calgary Tower

My Tuesday/Thursday family are in Mexico right now, but I’m still looking after their cousin while they’re gone. Thursday was a day off from school, so I decided that E and I should have an extra special day together. I let him decide what we were going to do that day; it started off with him wanting to go to the Science Centre, but at the last minute, he decided he wanted to go to The Calgary Tower. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the latter, so I was game.

February 20 020

February 20 025February 20 024

We took the train downtown, which always seems to be an adventure for a six year old. Surprisingly, the Calgary Tower wasn’t busy at all when we got there. We were the only people waiting in line for the elevator. We especially liked keeping track of where in the tower the elevator was on this special little display. The green lights showed you where the elevator was.

February 20 026

The first thing we did was head straight for the glass floor. I surprised myself by being a bit hesitant to step out onto it. I know how safe it is, but apparently the older I get, the more nervous I get? Strange, because I’ve been to the CN Tower in Toronto, and I’ve fearlessly walked all over the glass floor there. I got over my new found fear though and got some pictures. I was surprised to find that E was too scared to go on the floor as well. We spent a good majority of our time hanging out by the glass floor, with the hope that he would build up the courage to venture out onto it. He never made it fully on, but he did lay down halfway on, with his jacket underneath him. I’ve got photographic proof for his Mom!

February 20 028February 20 032

February 20 030February 20 031

We finally made our way around the rest of the tower, and while the views were fantastic, as always, nothing held our attention quite the same as the glass floor area. We spent the majority of our time just sitting there, enjoying the peace of the city. E had brought along a marker and some post-its,so he drew pictures while I took pictures with my camera.

February 20 041February 20 038

February 20 058

It was a perfectly low-key, but still fun afternoon. We even ended the day off with a trip to McDonald’s, thanks to his Mom telling us we could eat out. I realized that it was the first time I had ever taken one of my nanny kids out for McDonald’s, so it was just as exciting for me as it was for E!

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