Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Quarter Of A Century

If you’ve made your way over to my blog from SITS, then welcome! (To those of my friends that don’t know, I’m the featured blogger over on SITS today.) Please stick around, say hello and leave a link to your blog. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and making some new friends!

Saturday was my birthday; I turned 25. My original plan was to lounge in bed for the morning. Stephen had made me coffee, fed the guinea pigs and brought me my laptop. I ended up not getting to stay put for very long, because he told me that I should go get a haircut, as part of my present from him. Wanting to get it done right away, I got up after my coffee and headed out. I was rather lucky to get taken in right when I arrived, and it’s so nice to have something done with my hair. I then spent most of the day cleaning and baking mini-cupcakes.

February 6 018

My family showed up around 5:30pm, bringing with them some dinner. Izel had graciously decided that she would bake my cake for me, but I knew that I still had to do this cupcake fondue that I had read about. There’ll be a post up on Thursday with recipes, so please be patient! 

February 6 046

The first half of the night was spent talking over plates of good food, until my sister that lives in Vulcan had to go home. After she left, the last half of the night was spent playing a very hard game of Cranium. I’m normally fairly good at this game, but apparently, I had forgotten to bring my A-Game! My other sister and her boyfriend took no pity on me and kicked my but!

February 6 042{Izel made me a banana walnut cake that was delicious!}

It was a rather low key night, but that’s just the way I like it. I had the best 25th birthday a girl could ask for!

February 6 044

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