Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 28)

1. This week has kicked my butt. I’ve been sick, and work has been rough. Luckily, I have today off. I’m using my time wisely today, by doing things like sleeping in and crafting.

2. I hosted a Valentine’s Day party for a bunch of four year olds at work yesterday. It was crazy, but also a lot of fun. My favorite part had to be decorating the house, and the cupcake decorating at the end of the party.

3. Mid-week friend dates are amazing, and don’t happen often enough. George and I met up so she could give my birthday present and then we went out for tea and hot chocolate.

4. Monday, we got hit by a whole bunch of snow. Of course I decided then and there that Stephen and I needed to go grocery shopping at Superstore. Since we don’t have a car, that was a whole lot of fun. It took us an hour to get there by bus because of a car accident.

5. I always tell myself that I’m going to go to bed early so that I can actually take care of myself when I’m sick. So then, one has to wonder, how do I end up going to bed later than normal every day this week?

6. My Tuesday/Thursday family is leaving for Mexico this weekend. This means I only have to look after the cousin for about three hours in the afternoon on my regular days. So much extra time! What do I do with it?

7. I’m a sucker for cute things, like this collection of photobooth marriage proposals. Throw in a cupcake, and this would be how I’d like to be proposed to!

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