Monday, October 4, 2010

Women of Wonder

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by WonderBra Canada, and asked if I would like to become a Woman of Wonder. Taken from the email, this is what they were looking for:

“WonderBra is currently searching for five women who they feel are exceptionally inspiring to complete select “missions” in an effort to support our campaign all about rediscovering your wonder. I have been reading your blog and think that you would be a great fit for this team.
Essentially, if you agree to participate, there would be eight “missions” that we’d ask for you to complete. I use the term “missions” loosely as they will be completely customized for you and focus solely on rejuvenating and revitalizing activities- lots of fun, relaxing stuff.”

WonderBra would cover the expenses of these missions, and provide me with a FlipCam and supportive products (like a bra/underwear). I was hesitant at first, so I kept this news to myself for a while to see how it panned out. The time has finally come, and I’ve found out what my first mission is! If you go to the WonderBra Canada facebook page here, you’ll be able to read bios about all of the women and see what everyone’s missions are.

Women of Wonder 2

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It seems that my first mission will be to get a different view of the world and take a hot air balloon ride with someone special. That someone special will be Stephen, and we are both over the moon about this! It’s been on my bucket list (one that I’ve never publicly shared), so I cannot wait. I’m still waiting on my package to arrive (filled with the goodies), but I’ve seen a blog post from another of the Women of Wonder and I am so excited!

These missions will be taking place every week in October and alternate weeks throughout November and December. You can expect regular updates on my missions!
Thanks to WonderBra Canada for this wonderful opportunity!

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