Monday, October 18, 2010

Modern Day Nana

When Mel of posted about how she came to realize that she’s a Nana of the 22nd Century, I totally identified with her. Over the past year or so, after finally moving out on my own and becoming more comfortable in my own skin, I slowly started realizing that I’m like an old lady. Let’s outline the ways that I’m older than my years:

Video Game Grandma


-I’m always in nanny mode. I check the weather and warn friends/family to dress appropriately. I always carry around band aids in my wallet and usually have some sort of pain killers handy.

-My idea of a fun afternoon is thrifting and coffee with friends.

-My idea of a fun weekend night is dinner and game night with anyone that I can entice over.

-I’d rather entertain at home than go out. Dinner in a good restaurant is the exception.

-My subscriptions to design/craft/food blogs far outnumber any other type.

- I want to move out of our apartment so that I can have a garden and a craft room (or craft space).

-When I get my own craft space, I’m seriously considering taking up quilting, and knitting or crocheting.

-I plan my days around baking and trying out new recipes.

-I start off my day with a cup of coffee, and consider it a good day when I can end it off with a cup of hot chocolate.

-One of my favorite magazines is Martha Stewart.

Are you a modern day Nana at heart?

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