Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 18)

1. On Wednesday evening, I finally got the chance to complete my second Women of Wonder mission; I took a ballet class with friends. I’ll be doing up a post about it on Monday, since I need the weekend to figure out video editing.

2. I’ve found out my third mission: I have to find out what it takes to start my own bakery and get hands on experience with a local baker. I’ll actually be doing this tomorrow morning! Wish me luck, since I’m incredibly nervous. I hope I don’t get stuck in a corner and forgotten about.

3. I’m contemplating teaching Baby C some baby sign language. I’ve always been fascinated by this and I’m up for the challenge.

4. Bet you didn’t know that when I was in elementary school, I was in the sign language club! I’ve never been fluent, but I know the alphabet and a few signs here and there.

5. Yesterday was an interesting day at work, to say the least. I won’t get into specifics here due to TMI, but it was one of my least glamorous days on the job. It rivals only one other day during my 6 year career as a nanny. Some nannies just don’t get paid nearly enough.

6. Stephen gets Halloween off this year. In our 2 1/2 year relationship, Stephen and I have never spent a Halloween together (due to his work). Now the only holiday missing is Valentine’s day. (Celebrating after midnight doesn’t quite count. I’m going for at least one actual day.)

7. The next movie coming to us from is Paranormal Activity. I’m already scared. I’ve also told Stephen that we have to watch it on a night that he can come to sleep with me. I’m a big baby by the way.

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