Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 53)

1. Things were noticeably quiet around here yesterday. My brain has just been so fried this week that I couldn’t even bring myself to write anything. Baby E is teething, and is downright miserable. He doesn’t want to be put down even for a minute, and at about 26lbs, he’s a heavy guy to carry around all day. I was coming home at night in some sort of zombie state, and could barely keep my eyes open. It’s been a rough week.

2. I get to see my Tuesday/Thursday nanny family again today! They’ve been on vacation for all of August, so I had just been working with Baby E. Now that they’re home, I’ll be working with my boys on Fridays from now on. I’ll be starting later in the day, since T has started kindergarten. I can’t wait to pick him up from school!

3. Speaking of school, it starts for me next week. I picked up the first of my textbooks this week, so I’ve been flipping through them, trying to get a feel for my first classes. Hopefully it goes well!

4. I know that it’s only September 2nd, but the weather here all week has been making it feel like fall. I was hoping that we’d get the chance to ease into fall, but in typical Calgary fashion, we jumped right in.

5. Tonight, Stephen and I are heading to a friend’s house for games and dessert. I always get excited when we’re the ones that don’t have to host!

6. Pumpkin spice lattes came to Starbucks in Calgary early this year, but I haven’t eve had the chance to take advantage of that yet. I’m hoping to have a coffee date with a friend this weekend, so I’ll have to make sure to get myself a PSL before they’re available everywhere else!

7. What are your plans for the weekend?

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