Monday, September 26, 2011


I mentioned in my Friday post that this past Saturday was Baconfest. Stephen and I had bought tickets months ago and were really excited to attend. The only thing is, we had no idea what was going to happen there. We knew that it was a fundraiser for a jazz festival and that it would involve bacon, but that was it.

We showed up Saturday around noon (the event started at 10am) and stood in a long line. Once we got in, we realized that this was nothing like we had expected. We had read about bacon games, but when we walked past them, they looked like they were more for children. Basically, Baconfest seemed to be a place to go around sampling food made with bacon, but you had to pay for it. We walked past Jelly Modern to find out that they were all sold out, less than 2 hours into the event. Luckily, my favorite cupcake place, Crave, had mini cupcakes; bacon french toast cupcakes with bacon maple icing. It’s a good thing they were delicious, because they cost us $2 apiece.


We continued walking around, trying to figure out what food we wanted to purchase. The only thing that was enticing to Stephen and I were the food trucks out back. Food trucks are relatively new to Calgary, so I was really excited to try them out. We decided to just go with the Alley Burger truck. Stephen and I both picked out the small bacon Alley Burger and shared the bacon fat fried poutine. Both were absolutely amazing. I can see why people would line up in an alley, late at night (before the food truck came along), to get these burgers.


Here’s the thing, I found Baconfest to be a massive disappointment. Stephen and I basically paid $50 to eat at a food truck. (Our meal cost us $26 on top of that.) Thankfully, we paid for the tickets months ago, so that cost didn’t sting nearly as much as it would have if we had paid cash that day. I’ve read other really positive reviews of the event, so I’m not quite sure why I didn’t seem to like it as much as everyone else. I didn’t stay disappointed for too long as I convinced Stephen to go spend the rest of the afternoon in Inglewood. There’ll be a post about that on Wednesday!

If you’re a fellow Calgarian, did you attend Baconfest? What did you think?

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