Monday, September 19, 2011

A Gallery Wall

Ever since we moved into our current house, I’ve been wanting to make a gallery wall. I thought of putting one in the front entrance, but that turned into more of a structured grouping of family photos. We’ve been living in this house for nearly 10 months now, and I’ve only just finally nailed down how I wanted to achieve this gallery wall.

First up, I knew that I didn’t want to stick regular photos in it. I love photographs and have pictures of family and friends all over my house; I needed something a little different. Second, I needed a space for this. I felt like there were no good spaces upstairs in my house, so I settled on our basement hallway. Now that it’s completed, I sort of wish that I had stuck it in a more high traffic area, but I like that you can get a glimpse of it when you walk in our front door. I do have to admit that two of my frames are still empty. I can’t for the life of me figure out what to stick in them, but I wanted so very badly to blog about the gallery wall, so I just went for it anyway.

sept 18 047

This is what the hallway looks like from the stairs leading down from the front entrance.

sept 18 024

That would be my bedroom on the left and the craft room on the right.

sept 18 026

The top heart is cut from a map of where Stephen was born (Brandon, Manitoba) and the bottom is where I was born (Columbus, Georgia). I’m totally cheesy like that.

A lot of the stuff I put in my frames came from around the internet and on Pinterest. If you browse around my Pinterest boards, you can find links on where to get the artwork yourself.

sept 18 028

I have a thing for Paris, which is evident if you’ve ever visited my home.

sept 18 029

Stephen and I have both loved this from the first moment I pinned it. We go around calling each other darling quite often, hoping that the other will finally cave in and make pancakes.

sept 18 030

I love ampersands, and that’s an S for Stephen.

sept 18 033

sept 18 037

The only actual photos on the gallery wall: a photo booth strip taken early on in our relationship. It’s been cut in half so that Stephen was able to take half and I was able to take the other half.

sept 18 035

A dear friend attached this on a gift to me years ago, so I just mounted it on some scrapbook paper and framed it.

sept 18 036

I have a calendar full of these beautiful maps that I hope to have framed someday. I started off with my favorite.

sept 18 038

Another Pinterest find.

sept 18 039

Some handwritten post it notes that were included in an order from Kurt Halsey.

sept 18 040

This is from the side of a paper bag from Stephen’s restaurant. I can’t quite remember what it said, but I loved the fonts used. I had originally cut this little section out and stuck it on my magnetic bulletin board along with a picture of Stephen and I.

sept 18 041

I printed out a map and used up some leftover Scrabble tiles to spell out adventure. Stephen and I both happen to love maps.

sept 18 043

To finish it all off, an A for Angela. The letters were found at Walmart, then spray painted to match the frames.

This definitely has to be one of my favorite walls in the house. I can’t wait to fill up the last two frames…maybe one will get a quote mounted on scrapbook paper.
What’s on your favorite wall in your house? Do you have a gallery wall?

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