Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Yeast bread can be intimidating. I get that. For me, I get nervous about whether or not the loaf of bread is actually cooked. It’s not like most baked goods where you can just stick your toothpick in to test for doneness; you’ve got to judge the color and I’ve heard that you need to knock on your loaf of bread and listen for a hollow sound. That’s just too iffy for me, so I’ve put off yeast breads for a while now, even though I’ve successfully made them in the past. I was recently at a friend’s house for a play date (while working), and she was working on making some white bread. Watching her make it made me realize just how much I missed making bread. There’s just something therapeutic about kneading dough, and to me, there’s nothing cooler than combining a few simple ingredients to make a loaf of bread. Something from practically nothing.

September 27 535

I’ve had my eye on this cinnamon swirl bread for a while now. I finally decided to attempt it this past Sunday, and while it was easy; I was sick, so it wore me out so much that I needed to take a nap right after. Oh yeah, I lead a glamorous life. This bread turned out beautifully. Here’s the thing though, eating a slice of bread plain really isn’t all that exciting. This bread just begs for you to smear something over top for a little bit of extra flavor, and I hear that it makes pretty amazing French toast. I have a few slices left, so I need to attempt this soon! My swirls were really tight when I first sliced into the loaf, but then they loosened up a bit. Oh well, can’t win them all.

September 27 538

Instead of writing out the recipe here, I’m going to link to the original post over at Baked Bree. I didn’t change the original recipe at all, and she’s got some pretty good step by step photos that could be rather helpful.

Find the recipe here.

September 27 540

Are you afraid of yeast bread? How come?

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