Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

I feel like I’ve been a bit antisocial lately, although it hasn’t been on purpose. I go through phases; at times, I want to hang out with all of my friends and hardly stay home. Other times, I’d much rather be a homebody. I’ve been a homebody the past little while, so I happily accepted almost every invitation to spend time out of the house this past weekend.

Friday night started off with a coffee date. Actually, since it was rather hot, it was more like a frappuccino date! One of my favorite ways to reconnect with friends is to meet up for coffee, so I always welcome these hangouts.

Saturday was my busiest day, leaving me with little time at home. The morning started off early with a garage sale that benefitted The Mustard Seed. I only walked away with an old version of Battleship ($4!), but one friend loaded her truck up with amazing deals. After a pit stop for lunch, we hit up a couple more garage sales. Again, I only walked away with one item (a tube shaped baking pan for $1), but the same friend picked up some more awesome things for cheap. The rest of our afternoon consisted of drinks in a friend’s backyard and some girly chitchat. When I got home, I asked Stephen to take me on a date, as it had been a while. We started off with dinner at Much Burrito (any excuse for Mexican is a good excuse!), then we headed to the movies to see Contagion. It was good, although scary in the fact that this is something that can actually happen.

apple basket

Sunday was another early morning. I headed back to my friend’s house to help her pick some crab apples. In return for my help, she offered to drive Stephen and I to Costco. Always a bonus in our books! It was a busy weekend, but just what I needed.

fallen apples

Are you a social butterfly, or more of a homebody?
Do you have any good recipes for crab apples? I brought home a small bag of them!

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