Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

TenOnTuesday#97 at Roots and Rings

This weeks questions are a little different, because it’s a round of would you rather.

1. eat chocolate covered grasshoppers or
this freaky squid thing?
Chocolate covered grasshoppers, since I at least know that I like chocolate. Even though I know that the squid is dead, it still freaks me the heck out.

2. never see another movie or never watch TV again?
Never see another movie. While I do love movies, I think I love TV shows more.

3. be a superhero with a lame power or a supervillain with an awesome power?
I’d rather be a superhero with a lame power, since I don’t think I could ever picture myself doing anything evil.

4. eat only salty snacks for the rest of you life, or only sweet snacks?
Only sweet snacks. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

5. never read another book or never hear another song?
Oh my, this is hard. I’m going to go with never read another book because a life without music would be too miserable to imagine.
I seriously love reading though, but at least I would hope that I could still read blogs and such.

6. be a whale carcass remover or a sewer inspector?
Whale carcass remover; it just doesn’t seem as disgusting as a sewer inspector.

7. have no electricity or no running water?
Again, another extremely tough decision. I’m going to go with no running water, as I can always mooch water off someone else. No electricity would mean cutting out nearly everything I do all day long!

8. be a dog or a cat?
Be a dog, no contest.

9. always be hot or always be cold?
While I definitely prefer warmer weather, I’d rather be cold. At least then, I wouldn’t have to be sweaty!

10. be forced to watch all 3 High School Musicals on an endless loop, or the Twilight movies?
I’d much rather watch all three High School Musical movies.

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