Wednesday, September 28, 2011


After Baconfest turned out to be a bust, Stephen and I were left with a rare Saturday afternoon ahead of us, with nothing to do. Ever since I went last year, I’ve been trying to find a reason to take Stephen back to the bird sanctuary. After a bit of a debate (I was under the weather, it was a long bus ride and it was nearly 30C), we settled on going straight there. Thankfully, I packed our good camera, which is how I convinced Stephen to come along.

September 27 478

The bird sanctuary is a pretty cool place, especially in the fall. It’s basically just a place to go for a leisurely walk, and to observe some animals. Unfortunately for us, the only animals we saw we a hawk and a muskrat. I had never seen a muskrat before, so it was quite the surprise seeing this little creature swimming around below us.

September 27 521{Click the picture to make it bigger and get a glimpse of the muskrat!}

September 27 518

We decided to keep our walk on the shorter side so that we could still get some time in exploring Inglewood. I’ve been there before with friends, but this was Stephen’s first time. We went to a really awesome Silk Road Spice Merchant, where there was ever spice imaginable. I kind of want to head back to pick up a few new spices/herbs and then plan a meal around them. How fun would that be?

I think the highlight of Stephen’s day was finally heading to Knifewear. We spent forever just looking (and lusting) over all of the knives! To be perfectly honest, before I met Stephen, I never knew a thing about knives. Since meeting him, I’ve learned how to properly hold a knife, and that there’s more than just Henckels. To be honest, I find Henckel knives to be heavy and cumbersome; I’m just not a fan. While at Knifewear, I fell in love with the most gorgeous set of knives; Konosuke Sakura, which have sweet little cherry blossoms on the blade.


Unfortunately, they’re way out of my price range. Listen to me ramble on about knives…who knew I would be such a fan? If you ever get the chance, head in to a knife shop and test out the knives. Japanese knives will change your life forever. Stephen has even booked a class at the beginning of October. He’ll be doing learning how to carve a turkey like a pro, but I think he’s just going so that he can drink beer, have a turkey sandwich and play with awesome knives. What more could a guy want?

It’s rare that Stephen and I have a Saturday off together, so it was nice heading out and exploring our city together.
When was the last time you explored your city? What did you discover?

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