Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Went to the Zoo.

Do you know what I love about my job? Going to the zoo. Getting outside of the house and seeing cute animals? Most definitely encouraged. When family is in town and want to do a zoo trip, I can plan to go on a work day so that I can bring my nanny boys. I love that it’s perfectly ok with my nanny family to do things like that.

Stephen’s brother’s girlfriend Sharon (that’s a mouthful) was in Calgary last week to pick me up so that we could drive to Edmonton together. She had my nephew Kolton with her and was dying to go to the zoo, so I arranged to head there on Friday with my nanny kids in tow. The weather didn’t seem like it would cooperate with us, but it turns out my favorite days to visit are overcast and slightly rainy days. My nanny boys had so much fun (as evidenced by the ridiculously adorable pictures I have of them) and the best part? Getting in a little bit of time with Kolton. He seemed to love all of the animals, and wanted to be right up and every fence checking them out.

July 25 035

Sharon thinks his favorite animals were the elephants. They were pretty amazing, and were out so close to the fence this time around.

July 25 045

Apparently, I spent most of my time taking pictures of the kids this time around. I’ve been to the Calgary Zoo dozens of times, so I guess that was bound to happen eventually! I’m thinking it might almost be time for me to invest in a zoo pass.

Do you like going to the zoo? What’s your favorite animal to see?

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