Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

I’ve developed this mentality where I refuse to bake anything from a mix. Ever since I learned how to bake, I’ve been completely spoiled with how good homemade treats taste. To me, there’s something almost therapeutic about the process of mixing together the ingredients for a dish. Whenever I read a blog post about a recipe someone has made, I read through the list of ingredients. If I see something like cake mix in there, then I skip past the entry.

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Then came along Pinterest, showing off these cake batter rice krispie treats. I wrote them off at first because they use a cake mix. After seeing them a few more times, I started consulting Google to see if I could find a homemade version of cake mix. I couldn’t; you just can’t replicate the taste of store bought cake mix at home. I finally just gave in, because I was curious how these tasted. I figured that since you just mix in a little bit of the cake mix and don’t actually turn it into a batter, it should be ok. While these rice krispie treats were delicious, Stephen and I concluded that they just didn’t have enough of a cake batter taste to them. I had already upped the amount of mix, but it just didn’t seem to be enough. Read through the comments on the post I’m linking you to in the recipe so that you can decide for yourself just how much cake mix to add. I somehow managed to run out of sprinkles (how does that even happen?), so my treats are loaded with them. They’ve just got a fine dusting.

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats
Adapted from Gimme Some Oven

3 tbsp butter
40 large marshmallows (approximately)
1/3 cup yellow cake mix
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
1 small container of sprinkles

1. In a large saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Add in marshmallows.
2. While stirring marshmallows, add in the cake mix one spoonful at a time until fully combined.
3. Once marshmallows have melted, stir in the cereal, mixing well. Add in half the sprinkles while mixing.
4. Press into a well greased baking dish, then top with remaining sprinkles. Let sit for at least half hour before serving.


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