Monday, July 11, 2011

My Work Survival Kit

I work with a 6 month old baby. While he’s incredibly adorable, there are times that I find myself with nothing to do. While lugging around my backpack this morning on my commute, I thought it would be fun to show you guys the things I need to survive my day at work. (I forgot to grab my camera cord, so you’ll have to excuse the iPhone pictures.)


I started off carrying a large purse to work, but then found I was trying to shove too much stuff in it and was starting to wreck my purses. The straps of my current purse are coming undone at the seams, and they have bits of fabric poking out. That was my cue to switch to a backpack.


This is the day to day stuff that I need, which requires little explanation. See Lightning McQueen up there? He’s my nanny family’s house keys.


My food for the day. I’m not much of a breakfast when I first wake up kind of person, but by the time I get to work, I’m starving. The easiest solution was just to bring breakfast to work. (Crumpets, yogurt, and strawberries.) Lunch consists of a frozen meal when last night’s dinner didn’t leave me with leftovers, and some fruit and a granola bar.


This one actually isn’t typical for me. I’ll be going straight from work today to a wedding this evening to babysit, so I needed clothes and shoes for that. I also threw in flip flops since I wore runners to work this morning. I hate wearing runners in the summer, so I’ll switch at the first sign of sun.


Laptop and iPhone cord. Once I’ve done my daily “chores” and the Baby is asleep, things can get boring rather quick. The TV can’t hold my interest all day, so I’ve started bringing my laptop to get some blogging done. Just in case you were wondering, Baby always comes first and there are days when I barely open my laptop. I know my priorities.

Normally, there’s a book thrown in there, but I actually had no room for one today! Once Baby E gets a bit older, my work survival kit will probably go back to being able to fit inside my purse.
Do you have a work survival kit? What’s in it?

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