Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 47)

1. Ever feel like you have a week where everything is happening all at once? Like your days are filled and you’re going nonstop? This has been one of those weeks.

2. Monday night, after work, I babysat at a wedding reception with my sister. There were five kids we looked after that were an absolute handful. Add to it the fact that I was exhausted from working a full day, and we’ll just say that it was a rough night. I didn’t get home until late that night.

3. On Wednesday, I had to work 11 hours. In the afternoon, a friend contacted me last minute asking if I could bake her a cake (for money!).  I came home from work and after a late dinner, set about getting the cake baked. I was up until nearly midnight waiting for cake layers to cool.

4. Yesterday, I rushed home from work to finish off this cake. Stephen had iced it for me, but I had to make chocolate covered strawberries. We then headed to my parent’s house for dinner, and rushed home once again so that I could make the ganache for the top of the cake. My friend then came and picked up the cake.

5. Today consists of more work, then heading out to dinner with Stephen’s Dad who is in town briefly. Tomorrow, we’re all heading down to the Stampede and Sunday, we’re having our old roommate over for dinner. I am more than ready to have a day where I can catch up on my sleep. Let’s hope my body lets me sleep in past 8am.

6. I took my Nanny boys to a Stampede breakfast on Thursday morning. After standing in a long line to get some pancakes, then spending about 1o minutes eating them, I was more than ready to check out the other cool stuff (army trucks, pony rides, mini petting zoo, etc…), but my boys didn’t want to do any of it. They just wanted to go into Walmart to look at toys! I’m struggling lately with the fact that they don’t want to do much other than buy slurpees and watch TV. I’m dying to take them to a wading pool, but they just don’t want to leave the house!

7. Have you had a busy week? What are your plans for the weekend?

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