Monday, September 27, 2010

A Watercolour

Back in May, I entered a contest on Young House Love to try and win a custom watercolour of my own painted by Gadora Wilders. I entered the contest, naming my guinea pigs as the pets that I would get painted. Not even thinking that I had the chance to win (there were over 30 pages of comments entered!), I didn’t think twice about it. If I had to, I figured I would gift the painting to my sister and let her get her dogs painted.
September 25 016

Fast forward a week, and I received an email telling me that I had actually won! I also received an email from Stephanie Lewis telling me that she had never painted guinea pigs before and that she was excited to paint mine. I figured what the heck, why not go for it and get my piggies painted? After exchanging several emails and pictures, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my painting.

September 25 017 (As always, click on pictures to make them bigger!)

Last week, it arrived. I had won the watercolour back when Tigger was around, so the painting was to be of Piglet and Tigger. Oreo wasn’t around yet. I was pleasantly surprised to open up my little package and see the most realistic watercolour of my guinea pigs! It was bittersweet seeing Tigger, but she was captured beautifully. I’m so glad that I went through with it and got the piggies painted. Now I just need to frame the watercolour and find a new home on my walls for it.

September 25 021
It’s funny, Piglet and Tigger always sat this way together whenever they were out of their cage. It’s like they always had each other’s back. Just for the record, Piglet and Oreo don’t sit this way, so I guess it was a quirk that belonged to Tigger.

If you’re looking to get a portrait of your pet done, I recommend turning to Stephanie Lewis! Her website, Gadora Wilder can be found here. Go browse around her pet portraits for a bit, they’re amazing!
Thank you Stephanie!

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