Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 14)

7 quick takes

1. Tuesday was my last day with my Nanny family. It was hard to not cry during the day, and I successfully held it together until they shut the door when I went home. I cried the whole walk to the bus stop. I already miss the kids like crazy, but they have my phone number and email, and there has been promises of my coming back from time to time. I can’t even begin to help you understand how hard this is for me. Sometime next week, I hope to update about my current job situation. I want to see how the next week pans out before I make any announcements.

2. Thanks to a small bonus from my Nanny family, I bought an iPhone on Wednesday. Stephen secretly bought out the rest of my previous cell phone contract, and took me to buy the iPhone. My previous cell phone battery no longer held much of a charge, and I was mega jealous of Stephen’s brand new iPhone, so we decided that this would be a bit of a reward for me, for working so hard. Please recommend some apps! Oh, and if you’re playing Words with Friends, I’m “Craving Cupcakes”.

3. I got a message this week saying that I could pick up my new guinea pig, so I went and picked her up yesterday. She’s 4 weeks old, 1/4 the size of my other guinea pig (Piglet) and feisty. Meet Oreo:
September 2 013
September 2 014Better pictures will be coming later, once she’s had time to adjust and not be so nervous!

4. My friend Izel has a birthday tomorrow, so tonight, we’re celebrating at my place. I’ve baked a mocha fudge cake, and we’re going to feast on homemade mac and cheese and play our favorite board game. We’re wild ones, that’s for sure.

5. I had Wednesday and Thursday off, yet it didn’t feel like it. I tried to convince Stephen that I should become a stay at home Mom, minus the whole Mom part. Didn’t work out so well.

6. Stephen’s brother’s girlfriend is trying to convince me to move to Victoria. She called me this morning to read me a rental listing, and the offers of a craft room, workshop, garden and fruit trees were hard to pass up. One day I’ll be able to call a place like that home.

7. That’s all I’ve got for this week. So tell me, what are your plans for the weekend?

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