Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things (Part 5)

This past Tuesday was my last day with my Nanny Family, but you already knew that. As a thank you/going away present, all of the kids made me cards. I was greeted Tuesday morning with these cards and had to do everything in my power to not start bawling right then and there. (This post may be a bit long, sorry.)
September 5 009 This is the card that J made me. He’s still not good with writing, so it mostly said stuff like “I love you”, his name and my name.
September 5 010September 5 011 This is actually a craft that I worked on with C the day before, but that night, she turned it into a card for me. She even picked up some Skittles for me!
September 5 008 A made this. We played a lot of cards in the last few weeks, so he decided to make me a playing card sized thank you card. He spent ages drawing the Queen on Spades because in our opinion, when you’re playing Crazy Eights, this card is the best card to play. (It makes your opponent have to pick up 5 cards.) The sweetest message is on the back, but I’ll keep that private because he didn’t want me showing anyone.
September 5 013

This is a card from A (the oldest girl) and a letter from MomBoss. I treasure these cards and have been proudly showing them off to anyone who comes to my apartment.

As for the Kids Say The Darndest Things portion of the post…I’m unsure if there will be more of these in the future. In all honesty, J was the star of these posts, and I have no idea if future kids that I work with will give me gems to post about.

J: Why did God invent bad words if he doesn’t want us to say them?

J: I can lift ten thousand pounds with my pinkie!

D: (Comes up to me and whispers in a very serious voice) My Dad likes junk food!
(Only hilarious because he was certain that he was getting his Dad in trouble by saying that.)

I’m watching Finding Nemo with my Friday kids and a view of the Sydney Harbour comes up (they’re from Sydney):
T: Hey! That’s where we live!
D: I see our boat!

A is playing a video game:
J: God said that you’re going to beat that dragon.
Me: Did he really? Good to know that God is on your side A!
J: I can hear God in my head.

While getting dressed, I read D’s shirt out loud:
Me: “I do all of my own stunts.”
D: Did you have this shirt when you were me?

My nanny kids are singing yet another Justin Bieber song in the most annoying way possible.
Me: I really don’t want to sit here and listen to you sing Justin Bieber all day.
J:Why not?
Me: I don’t like him.
J: Ang doesn’t like someone! That’s not nice.
Me: I just don’t like his music. I’m sure he’s a lovely person.
J: Ang loves Justin Bieber! He should be your boyfriend. I’m telling Stephen!

After sampling one of the cookies we just made together:
C: When we’re in Heaven, I hope there’s cookies like these.

J: The worst place I’ve ever been is Las Vegas and the dentist.

I'll hopefully be updating this week on what I'll be doing now in terms of work. I've just been waiting for things to be finalized before I talk about it.

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