Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spice Up Your Life!

There’s no Ten on Tuesday this week because Chelsea had her baby. (Click the link, it will take you to adorable pictures of Jansen.)
Without Ten on Tuesday, I don’t have a whole lot to say, so I figured I would tell you about the time I had a Spice World party.

Yeah, you read that right. A Spice World Party. When I saw that Zip.ca (the Canadian version of Netflix) had Spice World, I zipped it right away and then told my friends about it. Who willingly invited themselves over to watch it. So, in case you were wondering how to have a Spice World Party, this is how to do it.

First up, you need to caffeinate yourselves. Run to your nearest Starbucks, preferably one with a rooftop patio, and grab yourself a drink. Make sure you grab an extra one for your sister who was late.

August 30 029

Stop to admire the view, but don’t stay too long because you’re just so dang excited to see the Spice Girls again!

August 30 032 August 30 033

Once you’re at home, put on your Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD. Proceed to sing and dance like a fool. Don’t worry, you’re in good company.
August 30 026 Round up your snacks. If you planned ahead, you may have made salted brown butter Rice Krispie Treats and some shortbread cookies. Get your friends to bring plenty of chips, dip and pop. Don’t forget to have the movie handy.
August 30 028
Once everyone else has shown up, proceed to have a dance off to “Stop”.
Then get everyone to settle down and put on the movie. The key to making the movie awesome is singing every song at the top of your lungs. Be thankful that you have friends just as awesome as you are.
Spice World Make your friends promise you that next time, you’re dressing up.
Aww yeah!

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