Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday


1. What’s the one thing you always do when you’re stressed?
More often than not, I’ll cry. (I’m way too emotional for my own good.) Then I’ll stick on one of my favorite TV shows and escape reality for a few minutes.

2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?
I honestly can’t think of anything! Up until now, everything has been pretty much normal.

3. What cleaning supply could you not live without?
I haven’t found any brands that I’m a die hard loyalist to. When my current cleaning supplies run out, I want to start replacing them with greener items. I’m open to suggestions!

4. How long do you plan on living where you currently reside?
Until our lease runs out at the end of November. Surprise! I hadn’t officially made the announcement here yet, but Stephen and I are house hunting. We’re still going to be renting, as we’re not ready to buy yet. We both feel the need for more space, so keep your fingers crossed that we’ll find something within our budget.

5. Do you usually vote straight party, a mixture, or not at all?
Not at all. (Awful, I know.)

6. What’s something that you love to do, but seem to never make time for?
I love to craft/scrapbook. I feel like I don’t have the space for it in this apartment (crafting at my coffee table is hard. I’ve tried). Hopefully, when we move, I’ll be able to make more time for it.

7. What’s your favorite store to buy things for other people?
I usually like to figure out what their favorite stores are and head there. If I can’t find that out, Etsy is always a good option, as well as Land & Sea here in Calgary. (It’s basically a mishmash of unique gift items.

8. What’s the weather like around you today?
Cold and rainy.

9. What’s the worst book you’ve ever bought and read?
Right now, I’m really struggling to get through The Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes. I find it to be a little too ridiculous for my tastes, and I think I’m going to abandon it all together. Good thing I bought it for cheap at a used bookstore.

10. What’s the closest thing to you that is yellow?
My flour bag, sitting on the kitchen counter.

P.S. Have you asked Stephen a question yet? He'll be answering your questions very soon!

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