Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Years

wedding A little over two years ago, I met Stephen for the first time. On our first date, he cooked me a three course meal. About a week later (two years ago today), we decided to officially become a couple. Since then, things have been amazing.

Growing up, I always joked that I’d need to marry a chef, because I can’t cook to save my life. Then Stephen waltzed into my life, and I know there couldn’t have been a better match. Before him, I wasn’t much of a baker, but he saw that I was interested and encouraged my passion. Now we’re the perfect duo in the kitchen, and whenever a holiday comes along, he cooks for me and I bake for him. 
gondola  I couldn’t dream of a more patient, caring and loving partner. Sure, we have our moments where everything is less than rosy, but all of the other moments in our relationship more than make up for them. Honestly, how on earth he puts up with me and my antics, I’ll never know. Just makes me love him more!

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