Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun With Google Analytics

I love reading about how people stumbled upon my blog, and Google Analytics offers up some hilarious Google searches. Google searches are in bold, my answers are right after.
(Note: Spelling mistakes are not my own. Unless it’s in the answer, then that’s all me baby!)

When is ben and jerry’s boston cream pie coming out?
I have no idea, but let me know when you figure it out, ok? We can have an ice cream date and try it together!

I am craving cupcakes. 
Me too. All day every day. Hence the name of my blog.

Mommy bloggers who love dessert.
I’m not a mommy blogger, but I love dessert. Wait, do fur babies count? Guinea Pigs can count as fur babies right? So therefore, I am a mommy blogger who loves dessert. Let’s be friends!

i havnt had a cigarette for 13 days but come a satarday im really cravig a drink and ciggarette.
You’ve made it 13 days, don’t give up now! If Stephen can do it, then so can you! But if you really must, you can indulge in one drink. Don’t drink and drive though, ok?

homeade mustache for fiesta.
I didn’t make mine, my mom bought them  for me at the dollar store. 5 for $1! You can’t go wrong with that.

Burlap curtains.
We went over this already, I don’t like burlap. You won’t be finding any burlap curtains on this blog!

Calgary Mormon nanny.
I’m a nanny, who lives in Calgary and who used to be Mormon. Does that count?

Angela Brunney cupcakes.
Who is this Angela Brunney, and are her cupcakes better than mine??

Cure for hiccups.
Kyla Roma helped me out with this one, 1 tbsp of vinegar. Last time I had the hiccups, all I did was measure the vinegar out and my hiccups went away. That’s how effective it is!

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