Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

By now we all know that I’m a nanny. Right? Good. Sometimes these kids come up with the funniest things, and I can’t help but laugh whenever I think back on the conversation with them. Here’s a few to brighten your day:

C-Bear: Our old nanny used to feed us sticks, mud and stop signs.
A: You weren’t even born yet!
Me: These vegetables seem a bit yummier now, don’t they?

J: You’ve got tata’s!
Me: WHAT? Where did you learn that?
J: Daddy. Mommy has tata’s, A and C-Bear have titi’s and boys have mimi’s.

J: What kind of hair does God have?
Me: Well, in the pictures that I’ve seen, he has long white hair.
J: No! God has a faux-hawk.

J: How do people get to Heaven?
Me: (Busy trying to prepare lunch and wanting to avoid a conversation about life/death with a 4 year old) I don’t know.
J: Maybe they take a space ship and then jump real high!

J: When I was 3, I used to live in the middle of the ocean.
Me: No you didn’t.
J: Yes I did.
Me: No! You’ve only ever lived in this house and I was your nanny when you were three, so I know better than that.
J: You were in the ocean too.

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