Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

  • I had Monday and Tuesday off (as well as Saturday and Sunday)…and I accomplished absolutely nothing. I was sick the entire time. Frustrating because I was just sick the weekend before. All of my plans for starting a baking feature this week went right out the window. I’ll work on it this weekend.
  • Can I just talk about the weather quickly? It’s been gorgeous here! 10C (50F) the past couple of days. I approve.
  • We added another guinea pig to our home. I was worried that Piglet wasn’t getting enough interaction and exercise, and since guinea pigs are very social critters, I thought it would be best if she had a friend. I do take Piglet out to play lots, but she needs time with another Piggy as well. We found a guinea pig on Kijiji, so we went and adopted her last night. She’s a long haired guinea pig, and super cute. Stephen named her Tigger. Piglet and Tigger are still getting used to each other and trying to establish who the boss is. To be honest? It looks like my shy skittish Piglet is going to end up being the boss! Who would’ve thought?
  • I don’t understand the burlap craze in the blogging world (and beyond) right now. Burlap curtains, table runners, lamp shades, pillows and even jewelry. No thank you. Let’s move on.
  • I’m currently obsessed with pretty packaging materials. Feel free to send baker’s twine, stamps and Japanese masking tape my way. ASAP.
  • Are my cell phone pictures annoying you? I used to have a proper camera, until someone broke it (not going to mention names…). I haven’t replaced it since, and I am desperately missing it. A new camera needs to be my next big purchase…but we’re on a strict budget around here for a while longer.
  • I wrote this on Twitter not too long ago:
    tweet Hayley responded saying that we have to go. And you know what guys? I’m actually considering it. Call me crazy if you have to. I think it would be so fun to round up a few crafty bloggers and get them to come along as well. Know what else? I talked to Stephen about this, and he might be on board! Non-scrapbookers are encouraged to come, and if we were to go to the Greek Isles, he would come in heart beat. I may even just invite my whole crazy family! I need to start saving money. And if it doesn’t work out? I’ll have some money saved up for another vacation!
    Um, now that I’ve written this out, I’m starting to feel crazy.
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