Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogging Through My School Years: Grade 2

You can find kindergarten and grade one here.

whos-the-boss-cast I believe we moved over the summer, so I was starting grade two in a brand new school. Who’s the Boss seemed to be pretty popular this year (even though I just looked it up and it came out in 1984…). The main characters in the show are Tony and Angela. Guess who was in a class with a kid named Tony? Yeah, me! We got made fun of quite a bit because of this. Despite that, I still love the show, and suddenly have an urge to watch it again…

One of my first days in class, I sat behind a girl who had just come back from vacation with an awful sunburn; she even lifted up her shirt to show me! Whenever I think of sunburns now, I can’t help but think of that incredibly odd moment. Apparently lifting up your shirt to show off your sunburn is an excellent way to make friends, because we became friends, naturally!

My most vivid memory of grade two however, is of a boy named Gabriel. Gabriel had an awful temper. So awful that I still shudder when I think about it. Our teacher was a saint for putting up with him! He often pushed his desk around and flipped over chairs when we wasn’t pleased with something, which made sitting behind him a rather scary thing to do. He never had an eraser, so he thought the proper thing to do would be to lick his finger and then rub the mistake out, which resulted in a lot of holes, and a not so happy teacher. Whenever the teacher tried to correct this behavior, Gabriel threw a temper tantrum. I bet every kid in my grade two class has such fond memories of those moments!

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