Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Week In Review

  • This week has been miserably cold. I’ve lost count of the amount of layers that I have to put on before going out the door!
  • Free meal from Stephen’s chef, because Stephen worked a few hours on his day off. It was a nice impromptu date night. I also got to see a server go out and make a snow angel, without a jacket, in –20C weather. Awesome!
  • Tried to bake a cake, but the baking Gods were against me this week. Let’s pray that they are in my favour when I start Christmas baking!
  • My mom’s birthday was on Friday! My sisters and I went over last night to celebrate. We decorated the tree and pretty much just hung out together. It was nice.
  • Best of ‘09 is still going strong. (There’s a button on my side bar, click on it to check it out!) This is probably the most I have ever posted! It’s fun reflecting back on the past year and remembering things that I had all but forgotten.
  • Stephen is back to working late evening shifts. His general start time is 5pm, and he’ll often come home after 1am. Friday night he didn’t come home until 3:30am. I don’t like spending the evenings alone, and I hardly ever get to see him when we’re both fully awake. I look forward to the day (probably far down the road) when we both work similar schedules. That would be nice.
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