Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Year in Review

-Spent New Years Eve with two amazing girl friends of mine. We had a fondue party and played the Sex and the City board game until it was time to countdown. It was a perfect evening.
-Tracy and I see the play Chicago when it comes to Calgary. It was my Christmas gift to her.
-A first, and probably a last for me: I go to my first ever strip club. It was such a random thing that is so uncharacteristic of me, but it was an experience nonetheless.
-Stephen’s birthday was at the beginning of the month. I baked him my first ever red velvet cake. My icing/piping skills were very poor, but he loved it just the same!
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-I turned 23 this month! I celebrated by inviting a couple of friends over for an amazing brunch at my place, and then heading to Banff for the night with family. We drank yummy margaritas, rode the gondola and laughed till our sides hurt. It was perfect.
-Stephen and I don’t spend Valentine’s Day (our first one!) together, do to his work schedule, but he leaves gifts for me in his apartment. Totally cute.
-I come back into contact with an old friend, and we start up Friday night girl’s nights. These are filled with crafting, drinking, cooking and eating. It was pure bliss while it lasted.
bdaydinner mountainbday

Stephen and I take a trip to Vancouver to visit my uncle, and his Dad and brother. This is my first time meeting his Dad! During the trip, Stephen and I celebrate our one year anniversary together.
-I officially started my 101 in 1001 list
Vancouver StephenVancouver

This is the first month that Stephen and I first start to talk seriously about moving in together.
-My dad celebrates his birthday, and I make a ridiculously amazing rum carrot cake. Which, by the way, totally falls apart when entrusted in the hands of the kitchen staff at a restaurant. We have dinner at the restaurant where Stephen worked, where we got special treatment all night long. It was a great way to celebrate my Dad’s special day!
Dadbday Stephenmeapril

-Stephen and I finalized our decision to move in together, and he starts talking with his landlord to try and make it happen. Meanwhile, Stephen still does sweet things like come over at 3am (after working all evening) to see me because I sounded upset on the phone.
-Stephen quits his current job without having a back up, and it freaks me the heck out, because we’re trying to move in together. Not to worry though, because less than two weeks later, he has a job at Earl’s.

-My sisters both graduate from high school! It was so awesome being there at their graduation. They both skip out on the banquet, and instead, we all have dinner at The Keg as a family.
-My uncle was visiting from Toronto, so to celebrate their graduation, we all go camping for the weekend. Stephen cooks amazing food over a camp fire, and we enjoy time away from it all. Except that it gets down to –2C overnight, and I practically freeze to death and swear to never go camping before July again. At least not in the mountains.
-About a week after coming home from camping, I pack up my stuff and move in with Stephen and his roommate, Cam.
-At the end of the month, my sister Tracy moves to Vulcan with her boyfriend.
tracyjessigrad lakelouise

-July seemed to be a rather uneventful month. It was pretty much spent turning the apartment into a real home and having my sister and her friends over for a ton of weekend parties and sleepovers.
-I start this blog.

-My friend Hannah comes to visit from Abu Dhabi. We have so much fun catching up over coffee and dinner dates.
-Stephen and I spend a weekend in Edmonton, where I finally get to meet his Mom for the first time. (She had been living in South Carolina until recently) I was so nervous, but we seemed to hit it off really well! Stephen’s brother, Christopher, and his girlfriend, Sharon, are visiting as well from Victoria. We all get along so well, and it makes me excited thinking about the possibility that this could be my future family. Sharon and I especially get along really well.

-After lusting after it forever, Stephen helps me buy a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! Only I would find this significant enough to include in my yearly wrap up!
-I finally get out to Vulcan and get to see my sister’s ridiculously cute house. Cue the house envy.
-Did the Light the Night Walk for the second time in memory of my friend Rondi.
meandjesstracyshome tracyshouse lightthenight

-Officially start looking for new apartments. We starting to get really desperate to leave our current apartment because our roommate’s drinking problems are getting to be too much.
-Thanksgiving was spent at my Mom’s friend’s house. Stephen actually had the night off work, so he got to spend it with us!
-I hosted a ridiculously awesome chocolate and cheese fondue party for Halloween.
familyphotothanksgiving nudistonstrike

-The oldest girl I nanny for gets H1N1. I freak out about getting it myself, and also about her being ok. After a full round of everyone getting some version of the flu in their household, everyone comes out of it ok.
-Stephen and I find an amazing condo and we’re able to move in a couple of weeks early.
-Izel and I go see Kelly Clarkson in concert.

-Most of this month is spent decorating the condo and making it our home.
-I spend a huge chunk of my time baking, and then spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family!
-New Years Eve is supposed to be spent at my place, with Rebekka and Izel once again!

2009 was a huge year of growth for me. So many changes were made, and I hope that it’s just the beginning of the changes that will come in 2010.

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