Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday


1. If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
I’m not a big fan of this question. It makes me focus on my negative aspects instead of encouraging me to love who I am. Cheesy, I know, but I’m working on my self-confidence!

2. Is there a habit in others that you find annoying?
Spelling. I’ll get right to the point: Lately, while reading blogs, I’ve been noticing that instead of saying “Voila!”, they say “Wa La”. Annoys me so dang much. Learn the proper way to say it please.

3. What is your favorite recipe using ground beef?
I love throwing ground beef in my spaghetti sauce. Not exactly revolutionary, but it tastes good and it’s easy.

4. What was your favorite book as a kid?
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.  It warms my heart.

5. Did you work as a teenager and if so, where?
I worked for about five seconds at Wendy’s. I volunteered a whole lot more than I worked.

6.  Did you work while in college and if so, where?
Yeah…didn’t go to college. Life plans changed and I worked as a nanny longer than expected. You still love me though, right?

7. When you go to sleep do you like  total darkness or semi? When you go to sleep do you need quiet or is some noise ok?
Total darkness and silence. I’m a ridiculously light sleeper.

8. When doing laundry, fabric softener or not?
Fabric softener, but not in the load with towels. Stephen read somewhere that it decreases the amount of absorbency.

9. Open toed or closed toed shoes?
Depends on what the situation is.

10. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
I can’t answer this question! It freaks me out!!!!

11. Dangle or stud earrings?
Stud. I think dangly earrings are so pretty, but I find that they look odd on me.

12. Bottled water or tap?
Tap. Unless I’m out somewhere and I’m dying of thirst, then I’ll buy a bottle of water. Otherwise I think bottled water is a waste of money. Buy a Brita Filter or something if you’re worried about drinking straight out of the tap.

13. What do you put on pancakes?
Syrup. Fruit if I’ve got it. Powdered sugar if I’m feeling adventurous. Jam if it’s peanut butter pancakes.

14. On a long trip would you rather drive or fly?
Fly. Unless we’ve made a point to make it a road trip so that we could see the sights, I would rather just get there the fastest way possible.

15. Do you prefer classic old movies or new? 
Depends on how old we’re talking about here. Don’t hate me for saying this, but I usually prefer new. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch classics, or that I hate them, I just enjoy new movies.

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