Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best of ‘09: Moment of Peace

Out of all the prompts so far this month, I feel that this the one that will have so many different interpretations. I’ve thought about this one all day long, and this is the best that I could come up with. I don’t feel like I had an big revelations this year that brought upon a sense of peace, but I do feel like I am finally discovering the little things that truly make me happy.

For the past 3ish years, I’ve started work between 7-7:30am. I’m definitely not an early morning person, so it was rough on me. This past September, the youngest guy I look after started kindergarten, so my start time was pushed back to 11am. I started waking up about 20 minutes earlier than I had to so that I could sit and enjoy my coffee instead of throwing it in a travel mug to drink on the bus. Then I started waking up half an hour earlier because I was using my coffee time to read blogs. Realizing that this half hour wasn’t enough time, I began waking up an hour earlier. Waking up to freshly brewed coffee and then reading blogs in my pyjamas is bliss. It sets me up to be in a better mood for the day, which I find gives me more patience with the kids. Stephen thinks I’m crazy for trading in that extra hour of sleep, but supports anything that will make me happier. This one little hour every morning is my definition of peace in my life this year.


  1. I love your "moment of peace" interpretation. Pj's, coffeE and blogs, what could be better!

  2. Not a whole lot could be better...at least not at that time of day! :)


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