Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best of ‘09: Night Out

Best of 2009 Challenge!

There are several night outs that stick out in my mind…but the best would have to be my 23rd birthday in February. My parents, their best friend, sisters and their respective boyfriend and best friend, along with Stephen and I all packed up and drove ourselves to Banff for the night to celebrate. For everyone’s birthday, we always try to do a family celebration, hence the reason for me partying with my fam.

If you’re not into winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, then really, there’s not a whole lot to do in Banff. It just so happens to be the closest place to Calgary that’s not dreadfully awful. We rented 4 hotel rooms and decided to live it up for a night. First stop was Magpie & Stump for some dinner. It had good food and the best Margaritas I have ever tasted. Seriously, I still dream about them (and may or may not be planning another trip back to have more). There’s a good chance I had two Margaritas and then sampled everyone else’s. Hey, I was the birthday girl! I do what I want! My mom bought a round of tequila shots for those who wanted to participate…which ended up being me, my mom and my sister’s boyfriend. Funniest part is, my mom isn’t much of a drinker! Apparently Magpie & Stump is known for their tequila though, so we couldn’t pass it up. Someone took a video of us doing the shots, and my favourite part is at the end when you can’t see my mom, buy you can definitely hear her shout “TEQUILA!!” Awesome. We got a lot of looks that night.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and proceeded to have everyone over to my hotel room for hang out time. We had a Jacuzzi, and you better believe that we bought bubble bath specifically for this trip. My parents and their friend retired to their respective rooms early, but the rest of us punks continued to….well, drink. We had an amazing game of sociables going on and everyone was having a good time. At one point, one of the guys ran across the hall to get something from the other room, and someone from the front desk walked by and looked into our room and FREAKED OUT. For real, he started giving us major hell for 6 people being in one room “after hours”. Side note: A lot of skiers will pay for one room, and then try to sneak in as many people as possible to sleep at night. Hence the front desk guy’s freak out, he thought we were doing the same. We got pretty worried about causing a ruckus and getting kicked out, so everyone dispersed quickly. Once back in her room, my sister called my mom to tell her what happened. Here comes mom to the rescue! She went down to the front desk and explained to the guy that we had 4 rooms, and we had specified when booking them that it would be to celebrate a birthday. The guy got really apologetic really fast….and our party resumed.
Such a good night!

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